Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Watch Me Slowly Loose It... The Weight, That Is

So, I'm starting this blog to help me work on loosing weight.  Not that this blog is going to be the only thing I'm doing, but it is going to be an outlet to track my success, my failures, and help me enjoy it as I go!

As an introduction, let me tell you what, why, and how I'm doing this.

In 2011, I started Weight Watchers.  I lost a LOT of weight. I went from 280 lbs to 200 pounds in about a year.

20 lbs lighter - 2011
25 lbs lighter - 2011

60 lbs lighter (down to a size 14W) - 2011
A progression (face wise) of my weight loss in 2011.  From 280lbs to 200 lbs
But then things started to happen in 2012.  I moved.  I moved my mom in with me.  I was working 2 jobs (actually, I'm still working 2 jobs).  I met a guy and we really liked to eat :)... So much change, not to mention a lot of emotional instability that left me using food as a therapeutic tool.  Unfortunately that meant weight gain.  And so I quit Weight Watchers in May 2012.

In February of this year, I had to go to the doctor.  It was at that scale I saw my weight.  301 lbs!  I was shocked!  I had never weighed that much... EVER!  But there it was.  And it wasn't good.  I didn't want it to be like that.  I knew I needed to change.

So, on February 1, 2013, I started back on Weight Watchers.  So far, in about 3 months, I have gone from 301 lbs to 271.4 lbs, which is about 29.6 lbs lost.

271.4 lbs - 2013
So that is the what and the why.  But how am I going to use this blog to help me?

  1. I'm going to post my pics as I loose weight.  Every week.  
  2. I'm going to let everyone know what I've learned, what is helping me, and what didn't work.  
  3. When I find great recipes I want to use again or I want to share, this is going to be where I'm going to post them!
And probably some other stuff too :P

So here is to loosing it... Slowly, but surely!

Cana Elene

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